Time to Change Awayday at St Julien’s, Sevenoaks

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The Skiffle Express was requested by the Time to Change management team to do an interactive event for them to finish off their Away Day at the St Julian’s Club on Tuesday 24 June. Which we were only too pleased to do.

The Skiffle Express members arrived at the Sevenoaks Area Mind building at 10am to run through the agenda for today. Everyone was suffering as the weather was so hot and humid, but things must go on, all equipment was set up and the rehearsal began.

When we had finished at about 12 noon, we had refreshments, cleared away our instruments and headed to St Julian’s, where we were due at 1pm. We were due to set up our instruments (again), but there was a delay so we sat outside for a while – resisting the temptation to jump into the swimming pool to cool off.

After a while we were given the go ahead to set up and begin the event. After short introduction speeches from Lucy, Jill, Libby and Eddie Armer, we performed our first song, Mamma Don’t.

Afterwards, the audience were split into two groups, one group was sent into another room, some of them looked a little apprehensive as to what was going to happen.

One group was over seen by Eddie, the other by Mick and John. Each group were to have a go at playing Skiffle instruments, and asked to give themselves a name. Each group practised playing Worried Man Blues for about 30 minutes before being brought back together into the main room.

We had a refreshment break, followed by a 10 question quiz on the subject of Skiffle. This was followed by a ‘play off’ between the two groups while Jill, Libby and Lucy check the answers to the questionnaire. Then the Skiffle Express played two more songs. Everyone seemed to enjoy this, some got up and danced (this has happened at all the events we have done so far, so we must be doing something right).

It was now time for the judges (Jill, Libby and Lucy) to announce the winners of the questionnaire, and a small trophy was given to the winners.

The Skiffle Express performed their last song, Time to Talk. A member of the Time to Change group stood up and thanked us for an enjoyable time, and wished us well for what we will be doing this year. We cleared away our instruments and made our way back to Sevenoaks Area Mind.

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