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This was our second official Skiffle event, and was to begin quite late at 5pm, although due to a few little problems, began at 5.20.

We arrived at about 3pm, setup our equipment, had a short practice session and sound check. With everything being in order, some of us went out for a quick cigarette break before we were due to begin.

The schedule for this evening was to be the same as in the first event.  Our audience wasn’t as big as we hoped for, and at first, it appeared they may not be too receptive to our message – but the magic of Skiffle won them over and they soon joined in using the instruments placed on their tables earlier.

Overall, the evening went very well. The video by Ruby Wax and talk by Chis Morgan was well received. The operation of the four groups went very smoothly, there was some concerns raised by one of the Ambassadors after one conversation. This was relayed to a senior member of our team.  As well as fighting Stigma, the purpose of these events is to identify any problems experienced by individuals or anyone they know, and give help and advice.

When the Zone period was over, the Skiffle Express performed their last two songs. Kirsten was asked before the evening began, to do a little dance, she was soon joined by a member of the audience. This was one of a number of signs that this evening was another success.

The Event drew to a close at about 7pm. By the time we had cleared up and arrived back at the centre, it was 8pm. We had a long day and were tired, but that did not detract from our feelings of a job well done.

Project Lead, Lucy Adams commented:

“I’m very proud of our team of Ambassadors and want to thank them for the fantastic job they are doing at our events.  It’s not easy to sit down with a complete stranger but they embrace this as they have done the whole project.  We genuinely all feel with this project that we are helping people and making a difference”