Circle Housing 20/06/2014

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This was our first official Skiffle for Change event, as usual we were a little nervous, but the atmosphere here was good and we were soon at our ease. The building was new, the facilities we had were very bright and spacious.

We arrived at 12 noon and set up our equipment followed by a sound check. We finished this at about 1.30pm then had a break, the event was due to begin at 2pm so we didn’t have long to go. Someone from BBC South East TV was there to film us, so we had to be ready to give a good performance. This event was well attended, which was good.

After the introduction from Hattie, The Skiffle Express performed their first song ‘Mama Don’t Allow’ which went down very well with the audience. This was followed by a brief address by Jill Roberts (our C.E.O.), then a very good film by Ruby wax.

The Skiffle Express performed another song ‘Freight Train’ which again the audience seemed to enjoy, they were encouraged by Eddie to use the instruments given to them when they arrived, and they played along with us – nothing better than audience participation.

Chris Morgan gave a short talk on Mental Health awareness, which was very interesting and informative.

There were four zones set out in the room, and were colour coded. These were as follows:-

Talk Zone: Co-ordinated by Ruth and Annabel.

Skiffle Interaction Zone: Co-ordinated by Eddie, John and Mick.

Mind Zone: Chris and Jenny.

Tea and Cake Zone: Co-ordinated by Amy and Laurence.

As everyone attending the event arrived, they were given a coloured wrist band according to the zone they were to attend first, they were to spend a certain amount of time in each zone, then guided to the next zone at a signal given by a horn.

The intention of these zones was to organise everyone, and give them a chance to experience different aspects of the Skiffle for Change campaign and to receive free refreshments.

The Talk zone did very well, the Ambassadors conducted conversations about Mental Health Awareness with approximately 68 people (this is towards our goal of 1000 conversations by the end of this year).

When the ‘Zone’ time had finished and everyone had returned to their seats, the Skiffle Express performed two more of their songs,  a number of people got up and danced, and some joined the band with washboards and tea chest bass, they were keen to join in the fun.

After Hattie gave her closing speech, The Skiffle Express finished things off with ‘I’m a Believer’ and ‘Time to Talk’, which everyone enjoyed.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the afternoon, and they gave us good feedback. This being our first event, we now have a lot of encouragement for the next stages of the Skiffle for Change campaign.

Below are some images from the day