Busking at Sainsbury’s

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On the 5th of September we did a busking session in the foyer at our local Sainsbury’s Supermarket.

Unfortunately, not many band members were able to attend for various reasons. But as established musicians, we were still able to put on an impressive performance.

We left the centre at about 1.30pm and arrived at our destination just before 2pm. We began soon afterwards.
This was the first time we had appeared in public without the expert guidance of the Lonnigan’s etc., and were a bit slow to begin with, but soon found ourselves performing well. The applause we received from the public and staff gave us great confidence.

As we were low on vocalists, a number of Sainsbury’s staff came out and joined us, they were great.
While we were performing one of our songs, we noticed an elderly gentleman have a little dance as he came out of the shop, this added to the atmosphere.

After about an hour, we had a short break, tucking into some chocolate cakes, then resumed performing until about 3.30pm.

In view of the lack of band members, and playing on our own in an environment we are not used to, we did very well. This was reflected in the congratulations we received from the staff.


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